2017 Honda Element Review, Engine and Release Date

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In order to welcome the new market of auto, Honda tries to renew their product. We all know that Honda is one of special car manufacture in the world. Now, in the new market, they prepare Honda Element, as the one of the special product. The 2017 Element is the SUV class of car. By the detail of it, the new 2017 Honda could be used as the family car. Here, we will deliver some detail specs of it below. Read it wholly.

2017 Honda Element Review

2017 Honda Element Exterior

The exterior of 2017 Element comes with modern look. What make this car special is the Honda Element 2017 colors. The color of this Honda Element is unique because it combines orange and black, as the basic color. In other hand, a significant change occurs in its rear. The rear car comes with unique design. It has round LED headlight, which has bigger size than before. In other hand, the bigger bumper occurs in its rear. In square shape of 2017 Honda’s body also increase the unique look of it.

2017 Honda Element Exterior

Honda Element Interior Design

About the Honda Element rumors, we may see that it has large space inside the car, which will increase the interesting sense of your journey. The interior of Honda Element is nice because it has two row seats. The capacity of seats are only four passengers but there is a large space behind the seat to place your stuff. Then, the new dashboard with LCD touchscreen beautify the look of 2017 Element. The new dashboard is completed with new GPS, great entertainment tool and other features.

2017 Honda Element Interior

2017 Honda Element Engine Specs

What make this 2017 Honda special is the detail of engine. Now, this car comes with 2.4L V4 engine with V-TEC technology. It is one of the special new engine for car. The test show that it is able to reach up to 160 horsepower. By seeing the power of Honda Element, we could conclude that actually it is a nice car for long journey. The maximal speed of it is up to 110 mph. How about fuel? Well, 2017 Element is great with the 20/25 mpg score of fuel rate.

2017 Honda Element Engine 2017 Honda Element Specs

2017 Honda Element Price and Release Date

The base price of new Honda Element is around $18,000. Based on the gossip, 2017 Element will come to the market in the end of 2017. Then, will there be a new Honda Element? The manufacture will spread this product to the significant market in the world.

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