Honda Accord Ktuner

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There have been posts of one on the two ‘ Accord forums indicating that Honda does, indeed use a tune counter that can’t be erased. I wrote my post a month ago hoping to get more definitive info. The KTuner Stage ll Dual Tune really opens this little banger up! jaxmarine likes this. Touring .T AT KTuner Stage ll Dual tune..KTuner for Accord V. KTuner is for off road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road. Dyno Testing Results Can Be Found At The Bottom Of The Page. What are my options? KTunerFlash End User System Hardware Software. Datalog and make your own changes .KTuner allows the ability to properly tune ignition, fuel, cam angle, and additional supporting parameters required to meet emissions standards. Paired with essential datalogging parameters at high speeds, KTuner can be utilized to test and develop multiple vehicle platforms in the development of emissions legal aftermarket performance products..Honda Civic Si LSM Honda Accord Sport .T CBP CrippleRipple, . dallasjhawk said @KTuner A new “what if” scenario I’ve been curious about. I’ve read that some of us always leave the ktuner unit in the ODBII port to datalog and or Tunerview. What if the unit becomes damaged by extreme temps and quits working .

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