Honda Accord Qualcomm

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Prepare for the future with the Honda Accord. Setting the bar for midsize sedans, the Accord has been redesigned with three powertrain options..The Honda Accord family offers multiple models to choose from including the playful Coupe, professional Hybrid or proven Sedan. Discover which one is right for you..Qualcomm Technologies have announced its continued support for personalization of infotainment and telematics systems, as demonstrated with the recent launch of the Honda Accord..Autosport Honda Serving New Jersey Honda Drivers. The popular Honda Accord offers amazing value and options and continues to prove Piscataway Township, NJ .

Qualcomm Powers Advanced Connected Car Technologies in the Honda Accord. Honda Accord with Cutting Edge Qualcomm The Honda Accord .Cars are getting smarter. And that’s why Qualcomm is announcing that Honda will be using Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon mobile processor as well as other advanced connected car technologies in its Honda Accord model..

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