2018 Honda Accord Specs, Redesign, and Price

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Honda always has brilliant idea to produce great car with most oppress price just like what we know in 2018 Honda Accord. Accord car always be favorite in the market especially in the middle level to higher market. This sedan car comes with affordable price yet offering great performing in many sides including the horsepower and the feet of torque. In the interior design this car always looks marvelous. Thus when people are talking about the new series that will be introduced soon, many people seems curious and really anticipated.

2018 Honda Accord Redesign

In the platform, 2018 Honda Accord concept is currently issue to have a new model and chasing. Many people say that this car will be the first model type that uses the same platform with Civic car. As the next generation model, this car is expectedly to have more astonish design both in the interior and the exterior yet the real appearance of this car is still not officially announce. Meanwhile many eyes predict that this car will have quite similar with Civic look.

There is roofline with fast back in the design. Also there is still short trunk as well. These two things are mostly known in Civic model. But this car will have brighter and shiner headlights with LED headlamps. Even though the interior design has not been revealed yet, not even small tiny things, but we can predict that this car will feature with many new technology systems and upgraded ones to improve the performance. Then, how about Honda Accord 2018 engine power?

2018 Honda Accord Specification and Powertrain

Honda Accord will use the turbocharged that has been injected with new technology. Thus it will definitely perform great performance and high speed. There is a possibility that this new version will no longer use the casual machine system of V6 but moves to the 4-cylinder type. Coming up with magnificent look that always look entertaining from time to time makes this car becomes one of the favorite in the sedan car market.

Especially because Honda offers this car in the middle level market with affordable number of price, this car is not made with ordinary look and so-so engine system but beyond that with powerful turbocharged and elegant design look. Many people predict that the performance of 4-inlince engine system will support great performance as well especially in the horsepower and others. As addition, there will be several technology features that will be added.

The standard version that uses 4-inline machine is the only type that we can choose. Honda seems understands this. Thus there will be a possibility that this series will come with the hybrid version as well. The hybrid version of 2018 Accord may uses the same machine type yet performing more unpredictable performance. Even though many people has been wait the release for long yet Honda has not announce the real 2018 Accord release date yet.

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