2018 Honda Civic Type R Specs, Redesign, and Price

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Honda has been made many people feel curious and showing mixed feeling when they announce the upcoming of 2018 Honda Civic Type R. Of course it is good news that we should celebrate especially since Honda stated that they will release this version in the US soon. It becomes wonderful day as it is the first – time ever this car will be produced in a regular time. Then how does this car will look like and can we expect higher expectation for this series?

2018 Honda Civic Redesign

People can expect that Honda Civic type R 2017 specs will show valuable performance especially after we know that this car will use the platform that mostly uses carbon fiber in the production. This type of material ensures the driver to feel the new comfortable experience with premium feel we have never imagined before. This material will be used in several parts like in the side sills and the rear trim.

There will be a rear wing with fancy design that complete the exterior look. The body design is seems drawing well by Honda just like the previous one. This series is even bolder and more attracted then the other previous generation. It has been seen that 2018 Civic Type R will have steady body look with several updated features like in the brakes and chassis. In the interior design there are several part features that gets new technology system to be attached.

2018 Honda Civic type R Specification and Turbocharged

Honda Civic Type R that has marvelous body design with four –doors sedan with enchanted coupe design with two doors, there has not been announced yet about the engine power that is officially used here but we can assume that this car will use the model of 2.0 L with 40-cylinder engine system. As an addition, maybe there will be the direct fuel injection type as well.

The VTEC valve that comes with great timing support great performance even in the horsepower level number, this car is predicted to show higher performance up to 320 hp with 295 lb-ft of torque. This power can be exist due to the excellent engine power system as well as the addition feature technology with Dual Axis Strut Front Suspension and adaptive dampers. Honda has not officially announced about Honda Civic type R release date.

Even though the official time is not announced yet but many people is already highly wait for the upcoming release of 2018 Honda. Talking about this new generation car of this series seems is not complete without talking about the price. The official price of this car just like the date has not revealed yet. But people assume that this car will probably sold at around $38.000 up to $40.000 or less.

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