2018 Honda Clarity Driving Range, Fuel Economy, Variant, Plug-in Hybrid, Redesigns, Release Date, and Price

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Today, the rumor of electric car is more and more popular. Actually, there are some electric cars that have been launched. So, we will see electric cars more often. Talking about electric car, the hottest rumor is that there will be 2018 Honda Clarity. It becomes one of the most awaited cars because of the electric model. Of course, this future electric car is very interesting. Therefore, it will be a good idea to know its rumors below.

2018 Honda Clarity Driving Range & Fuel Economy

This electric Honda car will offer 589 kilometers or 366 miles of EPA driving range. This driving range is very good for an electric car. So, this will satisfy the buyers. In relation to the fuel economy, this electric car will be able to run up to 69 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent. Therefore, it will be considered as one of the most fuel efficient cars in the future.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric Variants & Plug-in Hybrid

Next, it is interesting to talk about Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid. Based on some rumors, it will have a mile range about 64 kilometers or 40 miles. For the Volt mode, it will offer 53 miles. There will be some other variants offered to the buyers. So, the different variants of 2018 Clarity will come with different specs so that you have to choose it wisely.

2018 Honda Clarity Redesigns

There will also be some redesigns happen to this future electric car from Honda. There will be 2 colors available including black, white and maroon. Besides, the design looks more stylish with new headlights, bumpers, taillights, and grille. Compared to the previous version, this new version is much more attractive.

In relation to the interior, it will come with more spacious headroom and legroom so that Honda Clarity will be very comfortable. There will also be some features and techs applied. For example, you will find that it is equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc. Some other features relate to entertainment, infotainment, comfort and safety.

2018 Honda Clarity Release Date & Price

If you want to know about this future Honda Clarity electric price, you need to know the release date first. Most rumors say that this electric car will be released in the middle of this year. However, some rumors say that the end of 2017 will be the launching time of this car. For the price, there is no enough information about this future Honda Clarity.

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