2018 Honda CR-V Specs, Change, and Price

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Honda has been announced that this following year there will be several types of car series that get renewed waiting in the line like one of them is 2018 Honda CRV. The next generation of this series is named as the fifth generation. This car may use the same platform with the Civic. However this car will have many redesign models in several parts to increase its value. The sporty and fancy look becomes one of a good side that we can see here.

2018 Honda CRV Redesign

Honda CRV will announce to have sportier look with cooler design. Different with the previous one this new Honda CRV 2017 concept seems will adopt the idea of Civic with third row seats. It means that this car will have larger design with rebellious style. The front grille comes with new design, improving new enchanted look outside. The taillight is created with more vertical design with more visible signature.

2018 Honda keeps the headlight which is bold and pretty. The exterior seems give higher response to audience to see what is new in the new series including the interior. Even though the interior has not been revealed yet but we can predict that the features and design will be same as wonderful as the design in the exterior.

2018 Honda CRV Specification

The design of this car is highly valuable. It can be seen from the exterior points. It means we can sure that 2018 Honda CRV interior will also be great as well. However, we may still curious about the powertrain that is used for the new one as this compact car comes with high technology system. This car may use the same machine that has been attached to Civic. It is 1.5 liter turbo charged with four-inline. The previous mode uses the 2.4 liter with 4-cylinder engine. This engine system can lift up around 185 hp with 181 lb ft of torque.

Honda probably wants to show that this car can run beyond expected with higher speed and steady performance. The result of the horsepower touches up to 174 hp. This will also have six-speed with manual system in action and automatic transmission. This 2018 CRV is created with all – wheel drive to ensure people of enjoyable experience in driving and more. Then how is about the price? Will this car gets higher or lower? This car is expectedly released with various prices starting from $24.000 to $34.000.

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