2018 Honda Pilot Review, Redesign, Engine Power

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2018 Honda Pilot is currently the third generation of Pilot series that is in production. Many people anticipate about the upcoming release of this car whether this car will have many upgraded movement in the design and machine system or just keep staying with the last previous model? This car is firstly known and introduced around 2016 ago. This car is made with a concept of family big car with good performance. This car is known firstly for its friendly versatility even for car family type, its premium safety and reliable performance. Then how is about this car?

2018 Honda Pilot Redesign

Honda Pilot is made as a middle size of SUV car, apparently the crossover SUV car that comes with third row seats. The sales of this car show a good and satisfying grade but it seems that the interest of this car becomes decrease a little. Thus, Honda announces to release new 2018 Honda Pilot redesign with new style and upgraded performance. This car will come with various type including the LX and EX-L type that come with different features.

Several items that will be placed in the interior and exterior of this car is the autonomous braking system for more safety. Honda sensing and navigation system are several items that is in line with entertaining features. It is included the rear DVD entertainment. 2018 Pilot seems made with casually same with previous style but it gets several different touches. People then becomes wonder what kind of type they should take, the previous one or the new one?

2018 Honda Pilot Specification

It is depends on needed whether to buy the previous or the latest version of this Honda Pilot 2018. But for information this car will offer various lines up, apparently five different models. Those are the LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, and Elite trim level. Of course the entertaining mode in each type is different but we can expect good and high tech features inside it. Those models are the current type for 2017. Meanwhile this year there is a possibility that this car will come with 2018 Honda Pilot hybrid to complete the series.

This car will use the same powertrain like the previous one with 3.5 liter and V6 that can lift up 280 hp and 262 lb-ft. the 6 – speed with automatic system is used for three models. Those are LX, EX, and EX-L while the 9-speed with automatic system in the transmission model will be attached to Touring and Elite model. We can expect that 2018 Pilot will use similar engine system yet performing higher result.

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