Honda Grom 2017 Restyling, Features, And Models Overviews

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The Japanese manufacturer announced the first of some models on 2017, one of them is Honda grom 2017. This vehicle will come with some improvements adapted from its previous model. The new and decidedly edgier looks for small scale sport-bike come courtesy of integrated tanks and side panels. There will be also upswept tail units, under slung exhaust, and stacked headlight. In the Honda grom review, it is also mentioned that the parts of styling upgrades include sportier handlebars and new flip-key.

Honda grom 2017 new concepts

There are the wide ranges of color options of this bike that include pearl red, matte gray metallic, bright yellow, and pearl white. For the 2017 Honda grom price of MSRP version, it is set around $3199 which is identical to its previous model. It must be noted that grom 2017 would be in the dealership at the beginning of August.

Additionally, this power-sport model would get comprehensive redesigns for more aggressive and sharper looks. The manufacturer is excited to refresh the old version with assertive new looks for 2017. Since its introduction in 2014, this Honda grom is launched as fun-loving motorcycle which is a big hit in little package, singlehandedly establishing the thriving markets for small wheeled, small displacements, big personalities road bike which lends themselves to the personalization. Today, grom Honda for sale would be styled more exciting without losing their original’s fun appeals. Part minibikes, all motorcycles, this product us a resounding from its starts with the packages which are manageable and comfortable for full-sized adult.

Though its wheels are just 12 inches, this bike offers full size features such as 31 mm inverted fork, sturdy steel frames, mono-shock rear suspensions, 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke engines, and hydraulic disc brake. This bike now gets edgier looks, thanks to the integrated fuel tanks and side panel, along with modern, stacked LED headlights layouts. Add sportier handlebars, mew flip-key, upswept tail units, under-slung exhausts, and higher passengers seats, and you got this Grom which is as fun as ever but with daring new looks.

Honda grom 2017 release dates and prices

The available colors for this exciting bike are bright yellow, pearl white, pearl red, and matte gray metallic. By this, people can pick one color that suit their taste and personality. For the price, it will be started around $3,199. This Honda grom 2017 will hit the market sometimes in August 2016. So, be ready in that time to grab this fun-loving motorcycle as yours.

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